Konjiki Ramen Toronto

Konjiki Ramen has two locations, Toronto and Tokyo. In Toronto they are located near Yonge and Sheppard. In Tokyo they have a new location in Shinjuku.

Typically, I am more of a sushi and sashimi person but on this occasion we thought we would try ramen. Our search found Konjiki with good reviews. They do not take reservations so we chose a late lunch on a Friday. We read it is quite common to have long line ups out the door and down the side walk. We were prepared but arrived at a good time as the end of the line was just inside the doors. On this day we were seated just 30 minutes after arriving. Not bad for this venue.

I selected the original shoyu tonkotsu Ramen, served with chashu pork, pickled ginger, takana pickles, braised bamboo shoots and spring onions. Delicious! The chashu pork was tender. The ramen broth thick and tasty. The ginger added a refreshing flavour and the takana pickles provided a nice contrast of flavour.

The atmosphere is busy and the seating is tight. But service is friendly and you are not left waiting very long. Food delivery is pretty quick. Over all they cycle through a lot of customers pretty efficiently.

This was our only visit but we were very impressed. I’d like to return and try another type. Perhaps the shio clam broth ramen.


Heaven on 7

Located in Rockwood, it is about an hour north west of Toronto and situated in between Guelph and Acton. We have enjoyed many meals here and every time has been a great experience. A renovated house it is a small venue, and like going to a friends house. Always friendly service and delicious food.

Recently, we enjoyed the fish and chips there for lunch. Cod fish served with shoe string style fries, homemade tarter sauce and some salad greens. Crispy fish batter and crispy fries. Both were very delicious!

We returned a few weeks later with the intent of enjoying the fish and chips again but they had just run out. Our server recommended their burger. We took her up on the recommendation and as before we were not disappointed. This homemade burger served on a focaccia bun made at a local bakery ranked as being in the top two or three burgers I have ever had. Served with an onion halo, lettuce, tomato and pickle this was outstanding.

They have a website with menu. Always friendly and courteous, Heaven on 7 is a great intimate place to enjoy a meal with friendly service.


While wandering around Square One Shopping Centre we stumbled across this interesting red brick faced restaurant. After taking a look at their menu we decided to give them a try. We were not familiar with Reds prior to this visit so this would be a completely new experience.

They advertise themselves on their website as having a scratch kitchen, meaning they make everything from scratch.

Service was pretty good overall. Our server was attentive and courteous. The food took a little bit of time but if it’s for the reason that they are making things from scratch then I can accept that. It wasn’t horribly long but we arrived at 1:30pm after the lunch time rush. I had expected a little faster but again, was not that bad.

We started with calamari. Tender pieces but the batter was not overly crispy. Good taste though.

We ordered a Reds Burger. A homemade style burger served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickle on a baked potato bun made in-house in their bakery. Very delicious and one of the better burgers I have had. The taste and texture of a homemade burger is much better than any pre-fabricated burger. I chose sweet potato fries. These were delicious. Also made from scratch with pieces of skin on them and cooked to a nice crispness.

After this delicious meal there was absolutely no room for dessert. But we did take an Apple pie to go. To be honest, it wasn’t as good as I was expecting. The pie crust was a bit too doughy.

But the over all experience at Reds was very enjoyable. Their homemade burger made all the difference. Like making your own burger. Service was good overall and reasonably priced.

We plan to visit again.

Hina Japanese Restaurant

We have visited Hina several times now and each time the food has been delicious and the service very courteous. I believe they do a fair amount of take out since we have never required reservations and the dining room has never been crowded. But there’s steady traffic popping in and out.

The miso soup is very good here. Not too watered down and not overly salty. The salads are also nice and refreshing with a miso vinegar dressing.

The sushi is delicious and done quite well. The vinegar seasoning is just right and the rice is nice and fluffy. Their cuts of fish are done well. Not too thin and not too thick. The selection is in line with what is found in the Greater Toronto Area.

We recommend Hina Japanese Restaurant. Prices are quite reasonable, food is above average in the Greater Toronto Area and service is always kind and courteous. Most conveniently, you can make a last minute decision to visit as reservations are not necessary.

The Copper Kettle Pub

Nestled in the hamlet of Glen Williams, this pub recently changed owners and has been a popular hit ever since.  They also have live entertainment on Saturday nights.

With a great new front to welcome guests, once inside the craftsmanship of the woodwork is very warm and welcoming.

We sat at our table which was a beautiful dark hardwood.  I had planned to have the fish and chips but since I had that on a previous visit I changed my mind and decided to try the Kettle Burger.

It was a delicious burger served with tomato, onion jam, lettuce, pickle wedge, old cheddar and freshly cut chips.  The burger had a homemade feel to it.  Like when you make one at home with ground beef. It didn’t have that commercial burger texture.   Seasoned with a smokey and peppercorn flavour.  Was very nice.  The chips were also very good. Seasoned again with some black pepper.  Everything was neatly presented on the plate.  I washed everything down with a cold Coors Light in a Copper Kettle Pub glass. They also have a selection of craft beers.  I would have tried one but since I had to work later that evening I chose to have something simpler and lighter.

As with previous visits, service was good.  Our server was friendly and helpful.  She also checked up on us throughout the meal to ensure everything was ok and we did not need anything else.

We all enjoyed our meals and were quite impressed by the improvements by the new management.  We are greatful to the new owners for reviving the pub and making it a great venue to enjoy a few drinks at the bar, or a meal in the dining area or patio.

We highly recommend the Copper Kettle Pub to anyone looking for a great place with affordable prices.

Terra Cotta Inn

We had enjoyed several meals here in the pub downstairs and in the dining area up on the main floor since moving to the area in 2010.  That is until the fall of last year (2016).  There were six of us that went to eat in the pub on a busy Saturday night.  We parked the car while four of them went inside. The pub area does not take any reservations so it’s first come, first serve.  The four that had gone in sat at the only available table which was a table for just four.  We walked up to the table and began to discuss whether we would stay or try somewhere else.  We were leaning on staying and two of us could start our meal at the bar and when a larger table opened up we could all transfer there.  We had seen this being done many times by other customers.  But before we could say anything the server that evening approached us in a quite annoyed manner, let out a big sigh and barked at us that we certainly could not all fit at that table and therefore could obviously not stay there.  We were shocked.  We told her she didn’t have to yell at us like that.  She sighed again and told us she didn’t yell and reminded us that she told the foursome originally that there weren’t any tables for six.  At this point we stated that we will leave and proceeded on our way out.  While passing the front desk one guest in our group approached the front desk to mention that we were quite rudely treated down there and explained what happened.  The person responded by saying that it’s busy down there so she’s probably stressed.  While that is probably the case that kind of behavior should be unacceptable from the hosts point of view.  Again, this was not the response we expected.  There was a light apology but the person at the front desk stood behind the server and her unacceptable behavior.  We explained we were regular customers but would not be returning.  The host didn’t say nor do much to this.  I guess seeing that they were so busy that night they could care less if they lost six customers.  If that’s the case, so be it.

We are certainly not unreasonable. Everyone has bad days.  But to snap at a customer, and not apologize when we decided to leave and then have the host at the front desk support this, makes this situation unacceptable.  Why did we not have the choice others did and be able to start with four of us at the table and two of us at the bar?  Then all move to a larger table when one opened up?  There were no alternatives other than our party size was too big for the last table and we’d need to leave.  

As such, we have not been back since and have no plans to return.  Unfortunate as the food here is pretty good both in the pub and upstairs in the dining room.  The pub is reasonably priced. The dining room menu is priced higher.  We had typically, received good service so this was a shame.  But service is just as important to us and they failed here. 

Fortunately, we have discovered a couple of new places that have turned out pretty good.  The two places we go to now instead are the Copper Kettle and the Glen Tavern.  These places both have great service and delicious food.  I highly recommend them as alternatives to Terra Cotta Inn. 

Kura Sushi 

Located in Mississauga along Brittania near Kennedy, Kura Sushi is a decent place where I often go for lunch.  I would not consider this authentic but it’s better than many other places and is decent with low pricing for sushi.  During lunch they have quick response times making it an easy choice to enjoy lunch and make it back to work on time.  I went once for dinner and they were breaking in a new server that evening. Service was painful on that night.  Forgot portions of meals and was very, very slow.  The manager apologized and had offered up complimentary dessert.  But at that point we were full and out of patience.  One of our dinner guests that evening was celebrating a birthday so this was unfortunate.  After declining the offer for dessert, I suggested a break on his dinner cost instead.  They agreed and discounted his meal.  It’s important to note that I had to ask for this. It would have been appreciated to have this offered.

Anyhow, this was the only time we had an issue. I had been several times for lunch with great service.

Their sushi lunch plate is nicely prepared with decent cuts of fish.

The chirashi plate is one of my favourites.  Decent cuts of fish available in this region and very nicely prepared.

Their sashimi plate is also quite nice.

And their California rolls are also nicely prepared.  Pictured here is their dynamite roll.

This is a very decent place to enjoy a very affordable Japanese meal.  Other than the one time, service has been very good there. This is not in the same class as Mye 2, Miyabi, Inaho and Yutaka, but is still very much enjoyable and is much better than many other places.  Pricing is also lower than those places making this easier to enjoy more often.