Heaven on 7

Located in Rockwood, it is about an hour north west of Toronto and situated in between Guelph and Acton. We have enjoyed many meals here and every time has been a great experience. A renovated house it is a small venue, and like going to a friends house. Always friendly service and delicious food.

Recently, we enjoyed the fish and chips there for lunch. Cod fish served with shoe string style fries, homemade tarter sauce and some salad greens. Crispy fish batter and crispy fries. Both were very delicious!

We returned a few weeks later with the intent of enjoying the fish and chips again but they had just run out. Our server recommended their burger. We took her up on the recommendation and as before we were not disappointed. This homemade burger served on a focaccia bun made at a local bakery ranked as being in the top two or three burgers I have ever had. Served with an onion halo, lettuce, tomato and pickle this was outstanding.

They have a website with menu. Always friendly and courteous, Heaven on 7 is a great intimate place to enjoy a meal with friendly service.