We are Mark and Deniz Asao.  During our travels we have had the pleasure of experiencing different types of food and service.  Hospitality comes in different ways in different places.  These experiences have formed a set of expectations for us when we eat out.  Deniz is also a graduate of Hospitality and Tourism Management.  As such, there are three components that are important to us; the quality of food, the quality of service and the experience in general which is influenced by the atmosphere of the facility.

Obviously, the food is important.  Not only is its’ taste important but how was it presented?  Was it placed nicely or was it just slopped on a plate?  Were items cooked to perfection or were things burnt?  Or worse, were things not cooked enough?  These are aspects we look at.

Service is an important aspect that is often neglected in certain places.  Were we left to wait a lot feeling neglected?  Were we greeted warmly?  Did the servers attend to patrons with a sense of care and responsibility or did they seem like their jobs were an annoyance?  Were items we requested delivered in a reasonable amount of time and were they the correct items?  Were they appreciative that we chose their establishment to enjoy a meal?  Did we enjoy it?

We also look at the experience as a whole.  Was the place too crowded or was the spacing comfortable?  Did it have a nice ambiance or was it uncomfortable?  Were we able to talk or was it too loud to enjoy conversation?  Did the food, level of hospitality and atmosphere combined, make this an absolute pleasure to enjoy a meal at?  These are the things we look at.

Whether at home or on vacation, this blog covers our experiences eating at various places.  You can also view snippets of pictures on our Instagram page.