Mondello Ristorante

Located along the downtown stretch of Streetsville, Mondello Ristorante specializes in Italian cuisine, as the name suggests. It’s quite easy to find and there’s also a small parking lot right beside the building for convenience.

We went early on a Saturday evening. There were a few tables occupied but by 6pm the dining room was full. Friendly servers and a nice atmosphere but became quite noisy once the dining room was full.

We were there as part of a large group celebrating a birthday milestone. Service was pretty good at being consistent across the table. Appetizers were ordered and evenly dispersed. Our main courses were delivered to everyone within a couple of minutes. The last two guests were a few minutes behind the rest of the table but all in all, not bad.

Appetizers included Bruschetta, Arancini and Charcuterie Board for Two. Everything was delicious. I, personally enjoyed the meats that were part of the Charcuterie board. I am not certain exactly what they were but seemed to include prosciutto and a couple types of salami.

I chose the Tuscan Pizza. This pizza featured roasted chicken, prosciutto, roasted red peppers, basil pesto, caramelized shallots, Asiago, baby arugula, tomato and mozzarella. Delicious pizza.

While quite delicious, it did have a lot of toppings for what is supposed to be an Italian pizza. While Italian regions differ in styles, they’re all usually simple. The crust was also average. I found the pizza at Goodfellas to be much better in comparison for authenticity. Mondello has too much toppings and cheese for an authentic Italian pizza. But the thin crust was nice and again, it was delicious. By North American standards it was far better than any of the pizza chain places.

Pricing was a little steep at $26 for this personal sized pizza (roughly 12″). We found the menu in general was on the high side. For this price range, Goodfellas Pizza would be a better choice.

I sampled Deniz’ Mushroom Risotto. Wonderful flavours but quite salty. This would have been excellent with a little less salt. At $22 this was also a bit pricey. They did use a bit of truffle oil which is expensive but the ingredients in generally were low in cost.

A few other guests had the salmon with honey mustard sauce. Everyone found it delicious and were quite happy with their choices.

All in all this was an enjoyable meal. Modern atmosphere and very friendly service. A latte was accidentally knocked over at our table. Servers were quick to bring serviettes to soak up the spill and offered a refill. Very nice. Delicious food in general. I’m probably a bit tougher on judging pizza due to having enjoyed some very good pizza at a couple other places. But this was still very delicious and better than any pizza chain but in line with other local Italian restaurants. Would I return? Probably. But I would try something else.


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