Konjiki Ramen Toronto

Konjiki Ramen has two locations, Toronto and Tokyo. In Toronto they are located near Yonge and Sheppard. In Tokyo they have a new location in Shinjuku.

Typically, I am more of a sushi and sashimi person but on this occasion we thought we would try ramen. Our search found Konjiki with good reviews. They do not take reservations so we chose a late lunch on a Friday. We read it is quite common to have long line ups out the door and down the side walk. We were prepared but arrived at a good time as the end of the line was just inside the doors. On this day we were seated just 30 minutes after arriving. Not bad for this venue.

I selected the original shoyu tonkotsu Ramen, served with chashu pork, pickled ginger, takana pickles, braised bamboo shoots and spring onions. Delicious! The chashu pork was tender. The ramen broth thick and tasty. The ginger added a refreshing flavour and the takana pickles provided a nice contrast of flavour.

The atmosphere is busy and the seating is tight. But service is friendly and you are not left waiting very long. Food delivery is pretty quick. Over all they cycle through a lot of customers pretty efficiently.

This was our only visit but we were very impressed. I’d like to return and try another type. Perhaps the shio clam broth ramen.


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