Inaho Japanese Restaurant

Located in Richmond Hill, Inaho is a small family operated restaurant serving good quality Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices.  They do not have a website but reservations can be easily made by calling them directly at 905-889-8533.

Being a small operation, you will require some patience.  Service is courteous but not that quick.  Go when you are not in a rush, order some drinks and enjoy your conversations.  When the food arrives you won’t be disappointed.  After all, enjoying good Japanese cuisine is not about how fast you can get it, but how well it is prepared and presented.  

On my recent visit I enjoyed a Sushi Deluxe plate.   Prepared well and presented very nicely.  Nice cuts of fish. This dish came with choice of miso soup or salad.  On this evening I had the salad. 

My dinner was complimented with a refreshing glass of Asahi beer.  This is my preferred Japanese beer here at home in Canada.  It is imported still (this one was brewed in Thailand) and the taste is much like the original found in Japan.  I also like Sapporo but since they purchased Sleeman Brewery, Sapporo beer available here is brewed at the Sleeman’s plant in Guelph. As such, it tastes more like Sleeman’s than what Sapporo is supposed to taste like.  Whenever I go to Japan I make sure I enjoy Sapporo there.  

I highly recommend Inaho for a good quality Japanese meal.  Be patient and you won’t be disappointed.   


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