Paramount Queensway

We picked up food for take out at Paramount, Queensway location. Sadly this was not a good experience from the service to quality of food.  We waited about 30mins for our food because they forgot to make one of our items.  They also packed the wrong sauce.  Instead of packing garlic sauce with our shish tawouk, we got tahini sauce instead.  This obviously didn’t cut it.  A piece of my chicken was also undercooked. Unfortunately, with take out couldn’t bring it to the attention of anyone.  

Now, we have eaten at Paramount Fine Foods many times but have found the only location that is pretty good and pretty consistent is the one near Eglinton and Dixie along Crestlawn Drive in Mississauga.   We have never experienced any issues there but have always found something wrong at other locations in the GTA area.

One important thing to note is our server did apologize and gave us a small box of baclava for the long wait.  We did appreciate that.  But I hope this and other locations can improve their quality and consistency. 


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