Takazawa Bar

For Monday’s dinner we had reservations at Takazawa Bar. The main restaurant was closed but they served a similar tasting menu here. It’s a Japanese-French fusion type restaurant. Our server/host for the evening was a young Canadian-American man. Born and raised in Windsor and studied in San Francisco. He said he always liked Japan and was finally successful at landing a job there. This made conversing with him a bit easier. Our meals were paired up with first, a white wine and then a red to finish off the evening. Each item was an artistic masterpiece.

Started off with a shot of seafood beer and edamame in a spoon which was like a self contained soup.  The beer was thick with a nice bonito flavour.

Next was one of his signature dishes, “ratatouille”, with the individual pieces prepared separately and then grouped together. Served in a stylish spoon with a pepper corn and couple of grains of salt. The flavours of each piece all merged well and complimented the others.

Next, was sardines served in olive oil served with crackers, bread and diced tomatoes much like salsa. Delicious!  The little breads were so delicious and went well for dipping into the olive oil.  The tomato sauce was nice on the black crackers.

Next up was abalone served with its shell on top and a sauce made from extracts of itself. Very nicely done with a flame grilled flavour. The shells showed off incredible colours and designs when flipped over.

Next was corn soup. They brought it with smoked corn kernels inside the bowl covered with wrap. Upon opening the wrap they poured the soup over top. A little baby corn to dip served on the side.

Next was a grilled fish from northern Japan, served in a smokey sauce.

Next was a mushroom salad served with herbs and truffle shavings.

Next was figs. After serving, they poured frozen olive oil on top.

Next was seasoned bear meat from northern Japan on a skewer. I had never tried bear meat before. It tasted like ground beef on a skewer. Lots of spices probably neutralized any specific flavours to the bear meat.  But was delicious.

Finally, ikura (salmon eggs) on rice. Prepared nicely the ikura was not over powering.

It was quite the experience to enjoy a meal like this. Our hosts were very friendly and thorough when it came to explaining what each piece was and how to enjoy it.  Everything was delicious!!  I had never experienced a meal like this.  It was a real treat.


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