We enjoyed a fantastic meal at this omakase (chef choice) tasting last night. The restaurant is hard to find tucked away in an alley.  But once we found it, we were greeted with warm hospitality. It was a rainy night and they took our wet drippy umbrellas for us.  Once inside we were led upstairs where the sushi bar was.  Seats about fourteen customers.  We sat at one end and an hour later it was full house.  We were given a choice of three different omakase meal sets. We chose the middle selection. Then, I selected a sake from the list for us.  I believe it was Senshin, produced in Niigata.

We were started off with a nicely presented salad complete with a Japanese maple leaf.

Then a couple of plates of sashimi.  I can’t recall the first fish but it was followed by scallops.

Followed by some nigiri sushi. Unfortunately, I can’t recall what each one was.

Then sticky potato.

Followed by more nigiri sushi.

Then, another salad.

Followed by uni nigiri sushi.  I never knew I liked uni as the ones back home in Canadian restaurants are typically pretty horrible. This was delicious.

Followed by ikura on rice.  This was really nice as the ikura was milder and not overly fishy.

Next came miso soup.

Then shrimp nigiri sushi.  Underneath the main shrimp body was chopped shrimp intestines which gave it a liver-like texture for the underlying seasoning.

Then tamago.

Another nigiri sushi.

And three small rolls to wrap the dinner portion up.

They brought grapes for dessert and green tea to close off this incredible meal.

The most enjoyable part of omakase is that each piece is made, served and consumed.  This means everything is very fresh.  The rice is still warm.  The fish is freshly prepared and everything stays together. Pieces are seasoned with freshly grated wasabi.  The flavour and texture is so much better than powder mix or squeezed out of a tube.  Each piece is then lightly brushed with shoyu (soy sauce). For those in the Western world, no dipping!  In fact after eating the first two sashimi dishes they take away the shoyu dish.  The rice was perfectly prepared, packed firmly enough to keep shape but gentle enough so the rice remains somewhat fluffy and not hard packed into a ball.

This was a real treat!!  All staff, chefs and servers were very friendly and spoke English. Upon leaving our umbrellas were returned to us and our chef (unfortunately didn’t get his name) came down to thank us and see us off at the door.  This was one of the best meals I have ever had, quality of food and quality of service.   Next time we return to Tokyo, we will make another reservation.  Speaking of which, we tried several times to make a reservation at another more famous place.  They refused each method of attempt.  However, I was able to secure a reservation at Ginza Sushi-Ichi through a simple e-mail.  I highly recommend this restaurant.


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