Fog Harbor Fish House

Walking around Pier 39, we saw this place on the upper level. After browsing the menu we approached the front desk and were led inside to our table overlooking the bay with a good view of Alcatraz.

We started with an appetizer of oysters. They were absolutely delicious!

We then both ordered clam chowder served in a sourdough bowl and added the optional crab meat. Mine was overflowing and had spilled out the bowl.

Deniz’ was more neatly presented.

This was delicious! The crab meat with clams made this a great chowder. The sourdough bowl was fresh and tasted better than any other I had previously. The service was friendly and pretty quick. Not that we were in any rush but we were in and out in an hour. We highly recommend Fog Harbor Fish House when visiting Pier 39 in San Francisco.


Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

During our city tour this morning our guide highly recommended Tony’s Pizza Napoletana as being the best pizza in San Francisco. By the time the tour ended it was lunch time. We looked on Google how far it was from our hotel. It said 1.3 kms so we decided to walk there. We ended up walking through a very busy Chinatown to get to Little Italy where Tony’s Pizza is. Upon arrival we quickly learned how popular the place is. We were told it would be an hour wait so we left our name and number. They use a system through Yelp where we can keep an eye on our place in line and send a text when you’re approximately 5 minutes from getting your table. This was handy as we waited in Washington Square across the street which is a nice park.

Upon being seated we selected a Peroni beer, calamari fritti and Great Grandma pizza. It was all absolutely delicious! The calamari was crispy battered and was very tender. Pieces were a nice bite size.


aiello mozzarella, sweet tomato sauce, 24 month aged prosciutto di parma, 24 month aged parmigiano reggiano, castelvetrano cured olives, 7 year sandeman port reduction, micro greens, spicy nduja, romano, oregano, garlic oil. She’s aged to perfection.

This pizza was delicious! Everything from the crust to the freshness of our toppings. I wish we had a place like this back home.

We highly recommend eating at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana when in San Francisco. You may need to wait around an hour but it’s well worth the wait. I overheard another customer mention they booked a reservation online through Yelp.

Maru Sushi

We just arrived in San Francisco and were looking for a place to eat. Just down the street from our hotel we found Maru Sushi.

A nice little place with a delicious menu and reasonable prices. After settling in I ordered an Asahi beer. Surprised to read that it was brewed and bottled by Molson Brewery under supervision by Asahi. Huh? Wow! When I order beer at home it’s usually from Thailand or Germany. Most interesting.

Maru had a special on fresh oysters so I could not resist ordering two pieces.

I ordered Chirashi Sushi for my main course. Nice assortment of fish. Salmon, tuna, and a few others I was not sure about but thoroughly enjoyed. Presented nicely with shaved daikon, green onion, tobiko and shiso leaf. Absolutely delicious!!

Deniz ordered a Cherry Blossom roll. Tuna and avocado with salmon on the outside. This was also very delicious!!

We will be sure to eat here again before we leave. After one meal we are very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Good service in a nice atmosphere. Decent pricing.

Mondello Ristorante

Located along the downtown stretch of Streetsville, Mondello Ristorante specializes in Italian cuisine, as the name suggests. It’s quite easy to find and there’s also a small parking lot right beside the building for convenience.

We went early on a Saturday evening. There were a few tables occupied but by 6pm the dining room was full. Friendly servers and a nice atmosphere but became quite noisy once the dining room was full.

We were there as part of a large group celebrating a birthday milestone. Service was pretty good at being consistent across the table. Appetizers were ordered and evenly dispersed. Our main courses were delivered to everyone within a couple of minutes. The last two guests were a few minutes behind the rest of the table but all in all, not bad.

Appetizers included Bruschetta, Arancini and Charcuterie Board for Two. Everything was delicious. I, personally enjoyed the meats that were part of the Charcuterie board. I am not certain exactly what they were but seemed to include prosciutto and a couple types of salami.

I chose the Tuscan Pizza. This pizza featured roasted chicken, prosciutto, roasted red peppers, basil pesto, caramelized shallots, Asiago, baby arugula, tomato and mozzarella. Delicious pizza.

While quite delicious, it did have a lot of toppings for what is supposed to be an Italian pizza. While Italian regions differ in styles, they’re all usually simple. The crust was also average. I found the pizza at Goodfellas to be much better in comparison for authenticity. Mondello has too much toppings and cheese for an authentic Italian pizza. But the thin crust was nice and again, it was delicious. By North American standards it was far better than any of the pizza chain places.

Pricing was a little steep at $26 for this personal sized pizza (roughly 12″). We found the menu in general was on the high side. For this price range, Goodfellas Pizza would be a better choice.

I sampled Deniz’ Mushroom Risotto. Wonderful flavours but quite salty. This would have been excellent with a little less salt. At $22 this was also a bit pricey. They did use a bit of truffle oil which is expensive but the ingredients in generally were low in cost.

A few other guests had the salmon with honey mustard sauce. Everyone found it delicious and were quite happy with their choices.

All in all this was an enjoyable meal. Modern atmosphere and very friendly service. A latte was accidentally knocked over at our table. Servers were quick to bring serviettes to soak up the spill and offered a refill. Very nice. Delicious food in general. I’m probably a bit tougher on judging pizza due to having enjoyed some very good pizza at a couple other places. But this was still very delicious and better than any pizza chain but in line with other local Italian restaurants. Would I return? Probably. But I would try something else.

Good Fellas Pizza

After seeing our old TD branch close and be transformed into a restaurant, we were eager to try this new place. We tried Good Fellas Pizza on a busy Saturday evening. We arrived a little after 5pm without reservations and were seated right away but the place quickly filled up. All stone work and brick inside, the atmosphere is set to be Gangster themed. We were seated right by the window and with no window coverings the setting sun was quite warm on us. But with the place quickly filled up we hoped for a quick sunset or clouds for relief.

I ordered a house draft lager called “Oro”. Very smooth and mild, served in a tall chilled Pilsner this was very delicious and refreshing. Our server informed us the beer is made for them by a micro brewery in Brock, Ontario.

We ordered calamari appetizer. Over all was very good. Very tender and crispy batter. But at almost $20, the portion was small and overpriced. The curly cuts were a bit difficult to eat in one bite so needed to cut them down. Would have been nicer to have the pieces bite size and ready to eat. However, full marks on cooking the calamari just right.

We ordered the Romana (family sized) Capriccoisa pizza. Served on a large wooden block with scissors, this wood fired oven baked pizza was delicious. It did not taste like a restaurant pizza. It tasted like someone’s Italian grandma just cooked this for you, the good old fashioned way. Everything was nicely prepared. The cheese was an amount just right. Unlike most Canadian pizzas the cheese was not like a layer of rubber. Thin crust and with san marzano tomato sauce this was one of the best pizzas I’ve had.

For dessert I ordered a decaf espresso and Deniz a decaf latte. We also shared a tiramisu dessert. Was very light tasting and went well with the espresso.

To summarize, on the upside this was one of the best pizza’s I have tasted. Servers were friendly. Cool gangster atmosphere. But on the things I did not enjoy so much was the loud interior. With all the hard surfaces, voices and sounds tend to bounce around. We found it hard to converse. Having blinds or some sort of window coverings would have been nice. The sunset on us was quite harsh. I would have preferred the pizza to be pre-cut. Having to cut such nice pizza with scissors kind of took away from being so impressed by the quality of the pizza.

Would we return? Certainly. But our dinner just for the two of us with one alcoholic beverage (beer) our bill came to $90 plus tip. Kind of steep for a pizza dinner. The pizza would have served three but would have been a stretch to serve four people. At $38 for the pizza it’s on the upper side of pricing. But for a special occasion or a special treat once or twice per year this would be fine.

Golden Fish & Chips

Located along the downtown strip in Georgetown, Golden Fish & Chips have been operating for over 25 years. The place itself is not modern by any means but it has a nice old cottage like feel. Their fish is their success story. We have eaten here many times including bringing out of town guests there too. Their halibut and chips are the best in the Greater Toronto Area. It may not look like the prettiest plate but it is one of the tastiest.

What I like best is the thin crispy batter. It is not thick and spongy like some other places. The thin crispy batter compliments the fish nicely. Their fries are less impressive but the fish is so delicious that the fries end up being decent.

Friendly servers, quick service and a cottage like atmosphere make this a great place to enjoy one of the best fish and chips around. Prices are very reasonable. Please note they do not accept credit cards but do accept debit in addition to good ol’ cash.

John’s Family Restaurant

We have been to John’s Family Restaurant several times now for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located in the north west area of Brampton, John’s is a comfortable place to eat with friendly service and affordable pricing.

Our favourite there is the souvlaki. Outside of Greektown, this is the best place! Whether it be the chicken or pork souvlaki, the meat is tender and nicely cooked on the skewer. Delicious flavour. Served with Greek salad, rice and potatoes. This is a HUGE meal!!! I always leave with a take out box.

If you like calamari, this is also one of the best places. The calamari is nice and tender with crispy batter. Served with a leafy greens salad and balsamic dressing. Absolutely delicious!!

If you’re going for breakfast, a favourite of mine is a western omelet. Nice fluffy eggs with lots of ham, peppers and onion. Accompanied with home fries. Again, this is HUGE! It’s a big breakfast to say the least.

Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, John’s is a great affordable place with good service.